Our Good Father Loves Us!

The team hosted a special “programa” at Casa de Jesus on Monday morning for the children in Heliopolos. Twelve children attended, as the other children were at school. The team taught about God’s character as a Good Father who loves us, and they shared the story of the prodigal son. The team used children in attendance to act out the story—which the children loved. The children then received an introduction to soaking, and the peace of God was evident in the room. The children each made a crown during craft time to signify their value and identity as children of the Most High King Jesus. Each child proudly wore their crown home—two little girls even admired their appearance in the crowns in the reflection of a car outside.

In the afternoon, the team postponed the program in City of God due to heavy rain. However, the team had an inimate time of soaking and worship in the FMI Worship Center, which some of the local children and young adults braved the flooded alleyways to be part of. Seeing their hunger for God’s presence was deeply moving, and we know that He is drawing them close to His heart.