Monday Afternoon, June 26 – Hokwe

After a morning of devotions with Jesus, team time and a lunch of rice, beans and cabbage, we traveled about 10 minutes by bus to a central community meeting place where we had a time of importation for pastors and leaders. Naturally, the children spotted our team heading to meet the pastors, and all of them gathered around us. Children in Mozambique are so intrigued to see white people and they always love to play, sing, and spend time with us. The team split up with a few with the pastors and the rest having a special time with the kids. We had puppet skits, games, and treats for them, and eventually shared the Gospel with the whole group. 80 children prayed to receive Jesus as Lord of their hearts! Our very own Amanda (from Brazil) even translated the whole time into Portuguese. Holy Spirit expanded her English supernaturally! The importation time was also a fruitful time spent of ministry and teaching the Word. Pastor Mary Pat shared passionately with the pastors and leaders from Mark 1:30-31 and stressed that above all, our highest goal must be to connect and fall in love with our Jesus. Two members of the Zionist church even attended (from the previous day of ministry that our team had at their church). They were hearing truth and receiving and believing the full Gospel. It was powerful!