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José is a senior pastor with Iris Global in Mozambique, overseeing many churches and regions.  He has also partnered in missions with Frontline Ministries International (“FMI”) since 2003. Together we established “Linha da Frente” (Frontline in Portuguese), which umbrellas the SISA project and more.

(SISA) Sunshine Iris Soccer Academy

José Domingos Novela has a burning desire to see Mozambique transformed and its people take hold of the hope and opportunity that Jesus brings. To that end, he officially established SUNSHINE IRIS SOCCER ACADEMY in July 2015, which is experiencing growing success.

As President and Founder, José Domingos Novela  is running with the vision to help indigent, yet talented youth (ages 10-19) become international soccer players and missionaries.

These youths are training to become professional athletes, and will receive education to acquire business and agricultural skills, or learn a vocational trade. With a comprehensive plan for development, the boys are being mentored and trained physically, mentally, and spiritually to become leaders and influencers within Mozambique and other nations.

José is developing 60 acres of land north of Maputo, in Palmeira, Mozambique, into an expansive sports training complex. Dedicated to keeping the Presence of God as the first priority, he recently completed the church building. The dormitory (containing 8 rooms), is able to hold 300 boys, which 2 of 8 rooms will be used for a kitchen and a dining hall. The construction of the roof is ongoing and work has begun to clear the ground for the soccer stadium. Future development includes the second floor of the dormitory, the stadium, dining facility, and visitor center. The soccer stadium will seat 10,000-15,000 people, and will be a blessing to the surrounding community by creating a venue for evangelistic and Gospel music events, in addition to sports.

Pastor José’s vision is to help the Mozambican people realize the potential they have from the Lord. God is giving them opportunities for micro enterprises, which will provide a net for the people and not just a fish. 

Three recent acquired lands (Fall 2022):

  • Funhalouro, Inhambane (40m x 90m purchased land): This land is in the “bush bush” and the surrounding area houses rebel soldiers and prisoners. The vision is to use the natural resources of the furniture-grade chanfuta wood, a type of mahogany, to make tables, chairs, etc. We will minister and disciple former rebel soldiers and others in the community.

  • Plot #2 (30m x 40m land given by the chief in Maxixe, Inhambane): A church will be built on this land with bricks created by a nearby brick maker machine. They will also be used for the construction of churches, the buildings for SISA, as well as Frontline’s land on the sea in Maciene. 

  • Plot #3 (100m x 100m land given by the chief in Palmeira, Maputo): The vision for this land is to raise chickens. Not only will eggs be sold to the people, but also chicks will be sold to sustain families and provide jobs. To begin the project, willing suppliers have provided eggs, and 3 incubators that hold 1,056 eggs each need to be purchased. 


We invite you to financially support these ventures for personal transformation of underprivileged youth and others in Mozambique which will also bring societal transformation. Please click on Donate button below to give online. Frontline Ministries International is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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