FMI India Children’s Home

Over our many years of ministry, we have worked with hundreds of children who need to know the Father’s heart so they can become true sons and daughters of His. We know that part of our mandate as believers is to care for the widows and orphans, so we are doing just that. In July 2009, Frontline established its first children’s home in Rajahmundry, India. The Frontline Ministries International Children’s Home currently houses twenty-two children from several villages outside Rajahmundry.

We are partnering with Pastor Deva (da-wa) and Suneetha of Emmanuel Christian Church in Rajahmundry as they operate the children’s home. They are the onsite “mama” and “papa”.  FMI provides the children’s basic needs of clothing, food, housing, and schooling tuition. In addition to providing for the children’s basic needs, the children’s home also ministers to the children’s spiritual needs.

Some come from very abusive homes, while others come from financially destitute families unable to properly care for the children. Despite the children’s pasts, our Father in heaven has a great future for them. Our heart is not to just feed and clothe them, but to teach them about our wonderful Heavenly Father each one can know on a deeply intimate level. He is a good God and we know that He compassionately cares for each of the children.

We also know that He can and will meet every emotional need in every child’s heart. We love them all dearly and we are very excited to see each one develop into a laid-down lover of Jesus.

Frontline has been returning to Rajamundry regularly to stay closely connected to the children as we believe impartation for these children is vital for their spiritual growth. We continue to provide for the children’s basic necessities and spiritual invest of each child.  India is a destitute country financially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, so it is our privilege to share God’s love there.

The children have a safe home with plenty of food, and the amazing opportunity to know Papa, receive His love, and grow into strong men and women of God who will wholeheartedly serve Him throughout their lives.

We are looking forward to expanding the current children’s home and center as a larger facilitay is needed for these kids.

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