Ministry at Sewing Micro-Enterprise

On Friday morning we visited the women at the Sewing Micro-Enterprise on the IPCC base.  This is an outreach for widows and women at risk to give them the skills for their own sewing businesses.  For our ministry time there were students from both the on-campus branch of the school and another nearby branch.  After some worship, the team performed a short drama that relates how we put up walls as a result of the hurts and wounds in our lives and how Jesus can take down those walls and bring healing into our hearts.  Deanne and Andy explained the drama and Pastor Mary Pat shared more about the Lord’s desire to bring healing to the deep wounds in their hearts and how it is possible to receive the Father’s love.  Nearly every woman in the group had experienced some sort of deep trauma, abuse, or mistreatment.  Since the needs were so deep we had a general prayer time to forgive those who had caused the pain in each life and welcome the presence of God to bring healing.  Many came up afterwards for individual prayer, both for physical healing and additional emotional healing.  While Amy and Deanne prayed for physical problems, Pastor Mary Pat was able to lead several Hindu women to Jesus, including a deaf/mute woman who was completely healed.  During the course of this prayer time, several women were also healed from headaches (this was confirmed the following day).  The full testimony of the deaf/mute woman is included in a separate post.