RFL partners with an NGO stationed in the heart of Geylang, Singapore’s international red light district.  This organization works to rescue victims of trafficking off the streets, offering hope through a safe house, practical assistance, and counseling.  Since 2011, our teams have traveled to Singapore to assist in these efforts. 

Redemption For Life (RFL) through Frontline Ministries International (FMI) embarked on a justice initiative in the red light district of Singapore, called Geylang, in 2011 and continues to develop projects and partnerships to bring hope and care to those caught up in human trafficking and prostitution in this region.

Geylang is comprised of approximately 22 streets.  The even-numbered streets are where the “legal” brothels are located.  Here customers can go and pay for services without fear of police involvement.  However, there are many “illegal” prostitutes walking the streets and alleyways.  Some sleep in tiny, shoebox, one-room apartments handling their business from these rooms.  Others sleep on the streets, or go wherever they are taken by customers.  Many are victims of severe abuse and are addicted to drugs.  It is heartbreaking to see young women and young girls in such dire circumstances.

One particularly striking encounter involved a young woman, who worked as a prostitute from one of those shoebox apartments.  Team members from FMI were hurriedly escorted to her by a concerned friend.  When the team arrived, they found the young woman in the act of cutting herself – saddened and tormented by many aspects of her life, including the suicide of her sister several days previous.  She was in dire straits.  The team was able to minister hope and healing to her, such that before they left, she exclaimed that God had saved her life that night.

The RFL team has begun a unique partnership with an organization that ministers expressly to women and pimps in Geylang offering them alternative career training and medical care.  Life-saving prayer and counsel are also extended as relationships are initiated and developed.  The heart of RFL is to “stop for the one” – to meet people where they are and to offer support, love, and physical care.