Not Forgotten


0015A fresh water well is now in operation for the entire community, we have a guard house and a building for accommodations, and a large pavilion has been constructed as a worship center. Child trafficking in Northern Ghana is a harsh reality. RFL plans to build a community center and a children’s home on the land to provide a safe haven for victims of trafficking.

Frontline Ministries International is actively developing 22 acres of land in Northern Ghana, land given to the organization by a Muslim chief. FMI is partnering with Pastor Samuel Quarcoopome and Life Christian Center, to transform this land into a community center which will serve the needs of the people of Northern Ghana. A fresh water well is now in operation for the entire community. To further provide for the needs of the area, FMI plans to build a community center and a children’s home on the land. Child trafficking in Northern Ghana is a harsh reality. The children’s home would provide a safe haven for victims of trafficking – a place where rehabilitation and restoration would become a reality.

Frontline Ministries International, of which RFL is a subset, has been taking teams of missionaries to Ghana West Africa since 1999.  In 2005, we were given 22 acres of land by a Muslim chief to develop.  The chief, even though he was of a different faith, saw the work that Frontline was doing in the area and entrusted the land to our organization because he knew that we would operate with integrity and benefit the community.

Our land is situated in the impoverished Northern region, near the border of Burkina Faso.  Partnering with the Ghanaian organization Life Christian Center, Frontline envisioned a community center being built on this land.  This center would provide vital resources and services needed by the large rural population in the region; fresh running water, a school, a medical clinic, vocational training, and much more.

In 2009, we broke ground on this land in the North, starting with the construction of an electric powered fresh water well.  This well provides clean drinking water to the entire community – all are welcome.

Providing for the physical needs of the community is an important start.  Our vision for this community center is to also be a hub of social justice initiatives in the region.  In Northern Ghana, child trafficking is a harsh reality.  The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime has reported that one of the nation’s largest problems is the internal trafficking of children to work as slaves in the fishing industry.  Orphans and other children are kidnapped and taken to work on fishing boats, where they are forced to do dangerous jobs such as dive beneath the boats to untangle fishing nets – often at peril of drowning or crocodiles.

We believe that the construction of this community center in the north is the first step toward working to tackle this issue of justice and human rights.  The center will include a children’s center where victims of trafficking and orphans can find a safe haven where they are loved and cared for.  Our goal is to not only care for the children, but teach them important life skills so that they can have successful careers and livelihoods.