Watch Of The Lord

Frontline established a Watch of the Lord as part of being a House of Prayer for All Nations. It is an integral part of our ministry and we believe that corporate worship, prayer, and fasting is an end-time mandate of the Lord. We believe we are in a season where the Lord is waking up the Bride of Christ taking her to a new dimension in the Spirit. The Holy Spirit is drawing people from all over the world to spend the night with the Lord loving and cherishing him, agreeing with Ruth 3:5 which states “All You say we will do”. Meeting corporately for prayer, fasting, and worship brings the body into greater unity, purpose, and power. According to Luke 6:12 Jesus frequently spent all night in prayer to Father God. As worshipers we believe this lifestyle will enhance personal and corporate spiritual growth and better accomplish what’s on God’s heart for the nations. As Kingdom worship warriors, we are exhorted in the book of Nehemiah to intercede, stand in the gap, and be watchmen on the wall. Our mandate also includes raising up forerunners similar to Daniel, John the Baptist, Esther, and Elijah who counted the cost through great intimacy with the Lord. The WOTL fosters this deeper intimacy. The Lord will entrust more to His friends as they seek His face ,and hear from heaven, and do what He says.

Since 2005, Frontline has been holding these all-night gatherings, open to the community. Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda of All Nations Church began a Global Prayer Movement in 1995 called “Watch of the Lord” when Jesus said, “Watch With Me”.