Ministering the Gospel to Pimps in the Red Light

Our team returned to the Red Light District Saturday night, trusting that the Holy Spirit would lead and guide us to specific hurting persons who needed God’s love the most.

We prayer walked down the various streets, dotted with brothels and dark alleys, bringing light into the darkness.  Armed with baskets full of gifts for the prostitutes including bracelets, candy, and various pretty trinkets, we approached one of the numbered brothels.  Both pimps were standing outside, blocking the entrance.  When we asked if we could distribute gifts to the girls inside, one particular pimp permitted us to do so.

He opened up the door to the brothel, and from there we could see about seven different girls, behind a glass window, all with numbered tags hanging from their necks.  It was a heartbreaking sight, but nevertheless we knew that the Lord had brought us there to demonstrate His light and love to these precious people.

The girls came to the door, and excitedly accepted our gifts for them.  Looking into their eyes, we conveyed in simple terms and using our eyes how much Jesus loved and valued them.  Pastor Mary Pat took the hand of one girl, conveying gently the love of the Father.  The girl’s eyes subtly welled up with tears and she expressed her thanks for the gift as she walked back to her post in the brothel.  We were later told by others from charity organizations who have worked in the Red Light that this kind of contact with the prostitutes and pimps is completely unheard of – and God miraculously opened that door for our small team to do so.

As we stepped back out on to the street, Pastor Mary Pat and the team shared the message of the Gospel to both pimps who ran this particular brothel.  They each listened intently, in turn, to a message of love catered by the Holy Spirit just for them individually.   One pimp promised that when he got home, he would ask Jesus to reveal Himself, and when He did, this pimp promised to follow Him for the rest of His life.  The other promised to do the same.  After praying with them, we left that brothel, overjoyed with all God had done.  We believe at least two more came into the Kingdom on this night!  Hallelujah!