Mel Tari coming to FWC – 4/19/08 thru 4/20/08

Mel TariMel Tari is a world-known evangelist and author of the best seller “Like A Mighty Wind”. He has also authored “The Gentle Breeze of Jesus”, “America”, “Jesus is Here”, and “The Kingdom”. For nearly forty years he has traveled the world preaching the Gospel in literally every nation. He is the founder of World Mission International and is a key-note speaker at major conventions and conferences all over the world. Mel Tari gave his life to Jesus Christ when a revival swept his home country of Timor, Indonesia. The fire has never stopped, and Mel has been an eye-witness to some of the greatest miracles that have occurred in the twentieth century! As countless people have come to know Jesus, Mel has also seen people raised from the dead, water turned to wine, and many extraordinary healings (including deafness, blindness, dumbness, leprosy, cancer, etc.). Mel is a man with huge vision and revelation of how to live in the Kingdom of God. Come celebrate what the Lord is doing through Mel Tari and receive powerfully from the mighty and tangible Presence of our King!

Saturday evening @ 6:30 pm
Sunday morning @ 10:30 am
Sunday evening @ 6:30 pm