Many Receive Healing and Salvation in a Slum Outside Jakarata

We traveled to a distant slum and prayed for salvation and healing for over 70 people! What an exciting time as the Lord powered out His healing power on His children! Here are some of the testimonies from this time: 4 people were healed of stroke side effects, including being able to raise arms in a way they couldn’t before!  8 people were healed of arthritis in their bodies…they began waving their arms and walking in place as they received their healing.  Two ladies with cataracts were healed, one who whom had blurred vision before the prayer.  We prayed for one elderly man who was able to see clearly and experienced improvement in his hearing.  Others testified of their vision being strengthened and experiencing relief from back and neck pain.  One lady with a large thyroid mass on her neck began to move her head up and down and side to side– without pain!  She also began to swallow properly as well. . . thank you, Lord! This demonstration of the Lord’s provision and goodness was followed by a distribution of food for about 350 people.