Lunch and Healing for the Lepers

Today, Pastor Mary Pat, Lawrence, and Carly went to Pastor Deva and Suneetha’s church for something special they had planned. For many years, Frontline teams have been visiting leper colonies in Rajahmundry to pray for their healing, host banquets for them, and give them food to take home. But today, for the first time, Pastor Deva and Suneetha brought the lepers supported by Frontine to their church. Pastor Mary Pat shared a message of hope and healing, and then we began to pray for them. One woman testified that her open sores closed up during prayer! After receiving such rich spiritual food, it was time for lunch, during which our Frontline children beautifully served our special guests. Plate after plate of rice, chicken, and soup were dished out with loving smiles of acceptance that these men and women have scarcely known.

Once lunch was over, PMP offered another call for healing. One woman, Ruthamma, was deaf in her right ear and had pain and hearing loss in her left ear. After prayer, the pain was gone and hearing was restored in both ears! She began to cry, explaining that her whole family had left her and she was feeling so alone, but now she was certain that Jesus was with her! Another elderly woman, Aruna, was blind in her left eye since birth, and after prayer, we covered her right eye completely and asked if there was any change. Even though there was still no apparent change to her abnormal eye tissue that barely protruded from her eye socket, her face lit up in a beaming smile. “I can see!” she proclaimed in her native Telugu tongue! Finally, the woman whose open sores closed before lunch came up for more prayer. Her right hand and wrist were frozen, with most of her fingers curled up and one out straight. As Pastor Mary Pat prayed for her, she began to wiggle her fingers ever so slightly, and was soon able to open and close them enough to hold a walking stick! She told us she hadn’t been able to do this in 36 years, and went around to show all of her friends what Jesus had done for her. It was soon time for them to go, but we believe that Jesus will continue the healing work that He has begun! With God all things are possible!!!