Loving Sawla

The team’s last night in Sawla was spent sharing the love of Jesus in the market.  As we unloaded the bus, a crowd immediately formed, ready to watch and listen to the message we were bringing that night.  First, the dance team performed a praise dance, to the delight of the crowd. We then held a competition, where three brave young men were selected from the crowd to join the dance team as they danced!  The crowd then voted on a winner- everyone was delighted.

The team then showed two dramas, including The One, and Lawrence and Mike preached the message of the Gospel. Many excitedly responded to the call and came forward to pray to receive Jesus as their Lord! Soon after, Michelle and Andy spoke about God’s power to heal the sick, and invited those with physical ailments to join us in prayer to receive a touch from our King Jesus.  Many testimonies of healing were given after the prayer.  One young man was on his way to the pharmacy that night because he had symptoms of malaria, but after seeing our drama, came forward for prayer, and was instantly healed!  He even testified that his fever left immediately.  Praise God!

Dylan then led some others in a prayer to renounce witchcraft, and they were powerfully set free from demonic oppression. Jamie was also able to pray with a young Muslim girl to receive Jesus!  This precious young girl was deeply touched by God’s love and grateful to come to know Him. Thank you Jesus for invading Sawla with your compassion!