Children receive more of the Lord at Iris Ministries Children’s Home in Chimoio

We are staying at Iris Ministries Chimoio Children’s Home.  During the day, we have the opportunity to minister and impart to the children here.  It was so much fun and a privilege to get to know such treasures.  Our entire team did a dance for them, and that led into sharing about Father God, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  We were able to act out many of the accounts from the Bible about Jesus and when He died, and also explained the process of why God created us, and why we need Him.  With much laughter and enjoyment with one another, the relationships we were building during this time, was so sweet.  We asked them if they would like to make God their Father, and if they would like to be in God’s family, just as He had intended for them.  With enthusiasm in their hearts, they prayed with us and all got saved.  We ended our time by praying for each one and releasing the blessings of the Lord over them.