Lives Changed, Hearts Cleansed, Street Preaching, Deliverance

We returned to Heliopolis, a slum that we have worked in for
years. After spending some time greeting our dear friends from Casa de Jesus and from the favela, Pastor Bill led them in a time of receiving from the Father through worship. As Pastor Bill sang with James, the son of Pastor Dirceu, interpreting, the children had the opportunity to experience a release of the Father´s love. As the children received food and drink, we were able to continue loving on them.

Later in the evening, Pastor Mary Pat preached the Gospel outside the doors of the mission building. In the end, three ladies and a young boy came forward to receive Jesus! Another man, who had been drinking, accepted the Lord inside the building after Pastor Dirceu shared with him. When Pastor Mary Pat prayed for him, he fell to the floor manifesting demons. After some prayer, there was a spiritual release and the man stood back up and went home. Six children were watching this entire power encounter and when Pastor Mary Pat asked them if they wanted to receive Jesus, all 6 stepped up and said yes. It was very precious to see the delivering power of God demonstrate to the children that Jesus is Lord and He is so good. Thank You, Jesus, that you came to set the captives free!