Linha da Frente Project Receives Water! Everyone Present Receives Christ!

Today the team started the day with very powerful worship which led into a Holy Spirit dance party. Each member on the team stepped into greater joy and freedom as we praised God together and received prophetic words from Andy. This new freedom would be needed to prepare the team to pour out that evening during our first night of crusade at Mazavanini. Before went to the crusade site, we visited Pastor Jose’s land where we witnessed and helped lower the water pump in the land’s well. After years of contending for this miracle of water, the team washed hands, and a few heads, in the water from Pastor Jose’s well. It was an exciting time as the team celebrated and cheered for what the Lord has done!

We celebrated this important step in preparing the land for its incredible expansion one day into a church, Christian soccer academy for the disadvantaged, and an agricultural project. See our website at to view the Linha da Frente video and see the vision for the land.

Afterwards, the team went to Mazavanini to see the priming of this land’s spiritual pump and increase for the new church. As we played the Jesus film under the stars in their language, the spiritually hungry villagers came out to watch it. Even children and teenagers came out and sat on the cold ground to watch the special showing. Pastor Mary Pat invited everyone to come to know Jesus and the entire crowd stepped forward to receive Jesus. After celebrating with our new family members, our team began to pray for the sick and oppressed. Four ladies and one man were healed of chronic leg pain, demonstrating for all to see the amazing instant healings! Six people also prayed to renounce witchcraft and other forms of addiction. It was an amazing outpouring of the love of God as this new church plant received a huge boost in the Spirit!