Like a Mighty Wind – Welcome Holy Spirit

On our last full day in Brazil, we got the opportunity to worship with our friends in City of God. Pastor Mary Pat spoke on the power of the Holy Spirit and the necessity of having Holy Spirit living inside and moving through us. Several members of the team performed a prophetic dance to Te Adorare, with those of us not in the dance joining in prophetically near the end.

At the end of her message, Pastor Mary Pat asked for those who wanted more of Holy Spirit and the ability to speak in tongues to raise their hands. Most of the people in attendance desired more of Holy Spirit in their lives. After Pastor Mary Pat led the congregation in a prayer to be filled with the Holy Spirit, she had Daniel (age 15) and Janiel (age 12) come to the front and pray with our team in the Spirit and together we laid hands on the rest of the people in attendance. Fourteen people raised their hand indicating that they had been filled with Holy Spirit and were able to pray out in tongues for the first time! Hallelujah!

One of the translators who had been translating for us over the past couple weeks was also baptized in Holy Spirit and prayed in tongues for the first time! She was very excited, as it had been something she was desiring. The team also gave quick words to the congregation about how praying in the Spirit helps them or makes them feel. It was an awesome time of ministry! At the end of the service, Pastor Dirceu led everyone in praying over us since we will be departing on Tuesday night. Though we are sad to leave all our new friends, it was awesome to see the Spirit move so mightily!