Leg healing (Elise)

We were ministering at the evening church meeting, and as we praying en mass over an entire group of people, I recieved a word of knowledge about some having some pain in their right foot and ankle. I asked the translator to ask the group who it was…and to my surprise it was the woman right in front of me who I had my hands on. I asked her what she couldn’t do and she said it hurt to walk and lift up heavy things. After some prayer I asked her to do what she could not do before…she ran back and forth and tested it out and much to her delight was completely healed!!! God is so good. Then I (Andy) started praying for a little girl and who had a swollen stomach since birth…she was around eight years old. As I prayed the Lord told me that He loved it when she sang…I encouraged her along those lines and then asked her to sing out a song to the Lord. As she did I felt a release in spirit…which was quite powerful. She left quite encouraged and I was blessed to see God move in such a way!!!!