Knees Bent Before Jesus! Deliverance! Healing! More Salvation!

This evening, we held a crusade in a village called Xinona Nquila. The team performed a dance and a drama called “The One”. Troy preached the Gospel and shared about bending our knees to Jesus. Twenty-eight people came forward and literally got down on their knees of their own volition to receive Jesus. Then, Carly led a powerful time of prayer for healing. One woman testified that her eye had been very painful, but after prayer, the pain left! Another woman had pain in her leg for the past week. She also testified that her leg felt much better after the prayer. Yet another woman had pain in her back, but after prayer she was feeling completely better!

Afterwards, Andy led several people in deliverance from addictions and one even prayed to receive the Lord. Then, Pastor Mary Pat was led to offer the Good News again after the crowd had seen Jesus heal and deliver. Eleven more people prayed to receive Jesus!  Go God!