Kingdom Outpouring in Nyege

We eagerly anticipated our arrival to Nyege, a very prominent area for the practice of juju, expecting to see the mighty hand of God touch the lives of every man, woman, and child…and that’s exactly what He did!  Upon entering the village, we unloaded the bus with ready hearts to see the Kingdom of Heaven released in a powerful way.  Pastor Mary Pat and a few team members ventured out of the site to draw people to our outreach, along with Abednego, the church leader of Nyege who is currently a part of Frontline’s Kingdom Bible School.  Soon after, we began to blast the atmosphere with our worship music.  Three powerful testimonies were shared, including Kenneth’s miraculous healing that took place 9 years ago.
Suddenly, our only speaker was losing power and the sound started going in and out, as Kenneth was speaking.  He continued to speak with authority as the team surrounded the sound box to command it to work properly.  This was clearly an attempt from the enemy to impede the flow of what God was doing, but the power of our King Jesus supercedes his plot!  It was fixed in time for our dance team to minister, which led into spontaneous praise and worship with the people. While singing, “Yes Lord, Yes Lord”, one by one people joined in with us shouting and glorifying the Father.
The second sound box arrived for additional amplification, and our drama, “The One”, was performed.  Pastor Bill preached the Gospel and 90 people, without hesitation, responded to make Jesus their Lord! Hallelujah! Pastor Mary Pat called those suffering with malaria symptoms to come forward, and she compassionately prayed and declared that every person would be malaria free in the mighty name of Jesus!  They cheered and lifted up our awesome God for cleansing this disease.  The Lord also set those bound by witchcraft free as Pastor Mary Pat led the people in renouncing all of their juju practices.  The glory of God fell from Heaven and there was a shift in the Spirit immediately.
Pastor Mary Pat invited those with fetishes to remove them from their bodies, to no longer be connected with the Kingdom of darkness.  There was even a policeman who traveled from Wa to visit a juju priest in Nyege in the hope of receiving a touch in his body. However, while traveling through, he was invited to our outreach.  He stayed during the ministry time and decided to bow his knee to Jesus Christ.  He was filled with the presence of God and was transformed into His marvelous light!  The enemy is defeated!  We gathered on the bus rejoicing and thanking the Lion of Judah for His strong roar which invaded the village.  Glory to God who has triumphed over Satan. Amen!