“Kingdom Invasion” Conference — Session 3 — “Kingdom Business”

Over the years, Frontline Ministries International has seen an expansion of its business and marketplace ministry, both locally through business-based training offerings within Frontline Training Center, and also internationally, through invitations to speak to groups involved in the business sector, as well at other marketplace-themed teaching engagements.  We were so excited to see all that God would do during the Kingdom Business session.  On the way to the church that morning, the team prayed for the session.  Michelle saw a vision of angels with large golden trumpets that were releasing a new sound from Heaven over those in attendance.

With a number of business people in attendance, Pastor Mary Pat shared both Old and New Testament teaching, including practical ways to be led by the Holy Spirit in marketplace ventures, as well as an impartation on the generational aspects of business and family relationships based on the accounts of David and Solomon.  She also shared fresh manna regarding the “older brother” in Jesus’ parable of the prodigal son, and how if we do not value our inheritance from the Father, and miss the importance of the presence of God, we can risk missing some of God’s purpose for His Kingdom through our lives in the realm of business. Pastor Bill shared a powerful message, challenging us all to inquire the following of ourselves: are we willing to submit our own kingdom we may be building fully to His Kingdom.  He also shared about the importance of godly counsel and Holy Spirit leading in order to fully abide in God’s truth, especially in the realm of making business decisions, sharing aspects of the accounts of Nebuchadnezzar’s life as well as the rich young ruler parable in Mark 12.

By word of knowledge, Michelle called people forward for healing from intestinal/stomach problems, especially those caused by anxiety.  Three people testified that their stomach pain went away after receiving prayer.  The Lord healed an injured elbow as a woman went down under the power of Holy Spirit.  Three men with diabetes experienced a touch from Heaven as the fire of God touched them.  Another man with joint pain and high uric acid levels testified that he felt the power of God touching him on the inside. Many received an impartation of anointing for operating in business with a Kingdom mindset and strategy. All in all, it was a glorious session.