“Kingdom Invasion” Conference — Session 2 — “Healing and Restoration”

As the word “testimony'” in Hebrew means “do it again, Lord,” the sharing of healing testimonies has been an integral part of our conference. We have seen the Lord heal so many people already in Indonesia, and of course, thousands in years past.  We kicked off our Healing and Restoration session of the conference with Michelle and Troy sharing testimonies of healings from this mission trip, as well as video footage of healings from previous mission trips to Indonesia and other nations around the world.  You could feel the level of faith and anticipation rising in the room.

Pastor Mary Pat then shared a message on knowing the Truth, Jesus, and the Truth setting us free – the Truth being a person and not just an idea.  Conference goers received a solid scriptural foundation on the Biblical basis for healing, and then Pastor Bill shared a powerful message on forgiveness and how it can, at times, be the key to receiving physical healing.  Pastor Mary Pat then felt led to call out anyone who was struggling with a headache to stand up at their seats, and released the healing power of God over them.

Quickly, 20 people came forward to testify that their headache had left completely!  Next, she called out knee pain, shoulder pain, and spinal or vertebrae problems.  Two were instantly healed of knee pain and four were healed of shoulder pain.  One person healed of shoulder pain was a contact and friend of ours from an AG church our team ministered at last Sunday.  She testified later on the stage that her husband had urged her to go forward for healing prayer during the call for headaches, but she actually needed healing in her shoulder, not her head.  Then, the word of knowledge for shoulder pain was released and she went forward as her shoulder pain disappeared right then and there!  Next, we called out anyone with spinal problems to come to the front.  Three men were healed of such ailments – even one who had suffered 8 years of numbness in his spine!

We then sensed that God wanted to take people into a new realm of forgiveness, and led people in a corporate prayer of forgiveness and healing release.  Right after that, an older woman who had suffered a stroke came forward for prayer – she was unable to bend her knee or move her right leg freely. She was instantly healed!  Another man came forward who had suffered from blurred vision for the past 30 years.  As we laid hands on him and prayed, he felt power surge through his eye area, testifying that he could see a bright light, and then he could see significantly more clearly.  Hallelujah!

Healings were happening so quickly that it was tough to keep track, but a few others really stood out.  A woman testified that she had a terrible stomach problem and was planning to buy medicine on her way to our conference. However, her daughter convinced her that they would be late if she stopped, so she skipped the pharmacy.  Dr. Jesus was on call and healed her on the spot!  Another man testified that he had suffered from knee pain for the past year, and after receiving prayer, could jump on it with no pain whatsoever.  We serve a mighty Healer, and thank Him for all He did tonight!