Kingdom Bible School, days 1 & 2

The first two days of Kingdom Bible School have been amazing! There are over 140 people here, which is nearly three times the number attending last year. Some came for the service on Sunday, but did not plan on staying the whole week. After Pastor Bill’s powerful message, they traveled back to their homes, gathered their things, and returned for the week!
Our theme for the week is worship and each team member has had multiple opportunities to share from our hearts on different aspects of worship. The responses from those in attendance have been so encouraging. Yesterday, Deanne and Carly led a session on “soaking” in God’s presence and hearing His voice, and we have set aside time for them to put it into practice. After each soaking time, the attendees have shared incredible testimonies of things God spoke to them or showed them. It is so fun to hear the pictures and visions He is revealing to them!
There have also been many miraculous healings. Yesterday as Deanne was sharing, the man who was translating for her began to feel faint. He did not look well and his body was hot to the touch. We had him sit down, prayed for him, and brought him water to drink. Then Pastor Bill began to sing over him and got his guitar out to worship. He had just started the first song when the translator hopped up and said he felt totally better! He testified that he had like he might pass out – his vision was blurred, and he needed to sit immediately –  and had been shivering and sweating, but once Pastor Bill started to worship, these symptoms left immediately and they did not return! There were many more healings today, including chronic back, neck, leg, and chest pain leaving. We are so excited about all God has done and all He is still going to do this week. To Him be all the glory!
Soaking Testimonies:
While we didn’t feel these should be included in the updates, there have been so many incredible soaking  testimonies we just had to share some!
Many people have seen bright flashes of light, visions of Jesus, clouds or smoke filling the KBS pavillon, lighting, wind, and rain (all while soaking with eyes closed).  Others have testified of feeling God’s presence pulsing through them and have come up to the microphone still shaking. One woman saw 3 pictures this morning and we felt they were all very significant for us and our land!  The first was a mango tree in the middle of the KBS pavilion.