June 4th – C.O.O.L. Project







June 4th

Starting at 8-8:30am






  • E-mail us if you can help
  • Fill out a release form (click the link below or pick one up in the church lobby) 
  • Register on-line (link below)







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Hello Frontline Family!


Registration is well underway for the C.O.O.L. project, now only 4 weeks away!  With over 34 already signed up, we are going to have an incredible time of ministering God’s heart of love to those around us.  If you want to get in on the action, we still can use your help, even if you do not feel particularly handy with tools or physically able to work.  This is all about ministry, so if you can share Jesus’ love, you’re qualified!


On June 4th, we will be meeting between 8-8:30am to begin working on fixing up our allotted houses.  At lunch, the residents will have the chance to hear about the love of God and the Good News of the Gospel.  Afterward, we will head back to the houses to finish up the projects.


You are welcome to bring your kids and let them serve those in need.  Please mark it down on your calendar and fill out one of the forms in the church lobby.  Please turn your form in or email us back if you are able to help, and submit your name on the online registration form HERE.  If you are not sure yet if you can help, please let us know that you are considering it as it will help us prepare.




Carl Maxfield and Troy Larson


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