Saturday January 26: Powerful outpouring of worship at the Frontline Worship Center in City of God!

Our day began with the usual breakfast of freshly baked bread, sliced meats and cheeses, and fruit. During this time we met together to hear the plans for the day. Troy informed us we were in for a fun and joy filled day!
When breakfast was over, we spent some time in the presence of the Lord with devotions, soaking, and listening for Him to speak to us. After sharing with each other what the Lord had revealed to us during our quiet time, we had a quick lunch before heading out for the afternoon.
With our instruments in hand, we hopped in the van around 2:30 pm and headed for Frontline Worship Center in City of God. We had a glorious time worshiping and declaring God reigns! It was a powerful time of high spirited worship. We were joined by many children as the sounds of Heaven flowed out of the center. The team had many opportunities to pray over the children as they worshiped and soaked in the presence of the Lord.
We were joined by Pastor Bill, Pastor Mary Pat, and Ines as we worshiped the afternoon away. Pastor Mary Pat spoke John 17:20-21 over the Worship Center, declaring that we would be one with the Father and asking Him to show us His Glory. Pastor Bill sat on the floor as he played his guitar, singing with passion as several of the children gathered around him to feel more of the presence of the Lord. Pastor Bill also gave a very strong declaration that we are defeating the Enemy and bringing forth the Kingdom in City of God and Brazil!
We finished up the day practicing our drama and dance. We will be using them throughout the next week to bless and proclaim the freeing power of Jesus to the people we will be ministering to.