Friday January 25: More House to House ministry and a very special birthday!

Today is Pastor Bill’s birthday! Of course, there was a celebration, but we can talk about that later. The morning was spent minstering house to house in the streets of Heliópolis. Three more people gave their lives to Jesus! There were also words of encouragement and prayers of healing released as well. Many people testified that their pain was gone after prayer!
We returned to the City of God in the afternoon and many people were touched by the love of God displayed through the team members! Not only that, but even more people gave their lives to Jesus!
As I said before, the evening brought a time of celebration for our beloved Pastor Bill. After a great day of ministry, our team piled into the van and headed to Pastor Dirceu and Pastor Jeanine’s home. The delicious smell of food on the grill filled the air. There was a table set up outside and Pastor Dirceu was the master of the grill. What a feast!
When the guest of honor arrived with Pastor Mary Pat and Inês, the party began! So much food, so much laughter and so much fun was had by all!
Even as the night was coming to an end, the laughter and joy continued as we thanked Pastor Dirceu and his wife for their hospitality and then headed back to the mission house to go to sleep with full bellies and joyful hearts.