Thursday January 24: House to House ministry in Heliópolis and Cidade de Deus.

After breakfast this morning, we had the privilege of meeting two young ladies that are friends of Jo. They came to the mission house to help us with translating today. Once introductions were made, we broke up into 3 groups to go out into the streets of Heliópolis, which is the community where Pator Dirceu’s church, Casa de Jesus, and mission house are located. As we walked through the narrow alleys and streets we were expectant for God to do great things. And He did!
As we gathered together to enjoy our lunch, each group spoke of all of the divine encounters they experienced. It turns out there were 3 people who gave their lives to Jesus! Yay Jesus! Not only that, but there were numerous testimonies of healing and many people who were touched by the love of God!
After lunch we headed out to the community called City of God or in Portuguese, “Cidade de Deus.”  We entered the community very excited because many of us were seeing the expansions to the Frontline Worship Center for the first time.
As the whole team stood in the newest section of the building, we began to lift our voices in intercession, dedicating the new part of the building to the  Lord.
We spent a little more time in the community, handing out flyers, ministering to people, and enjoying time with the neighborhood.
During a delicious dinner of sausage and onions with rice and beans, the team re-shared the experiences of the day with the pastors who were very happy to hear all the amazing things that the Lord did.
As the evening continued the team took time to learn a drama called “Emotions” which teaches the audience the importance of allowing Jesus to bring healing to even the deepest parts of our heart.