Intercession Paves the Way to Many Salvations and Deliverance From Witchcraft

The team awoke this morning excited about what God is releasing in Palmeria! Before coming to Mozambique, Pastor Jose informed us of a drought in the land, which stirred us to continually pray for rain. Last night, our prayers were answered, as many team members awoke to the pitter-patter of rain hitting our tents! We believe this is a true propethic picture of the refreshing and breakthrough that God is pouring out on the region. In the afternoon, we had a unified time of intercession for the land and for our final crusade in the area.

For the crusade, we went to a church that was established in 2000; however, the church had diminished in recent years and was now currently without a pastor. Tonight, we saw an extraordinary crowd flood the area! As we started the night about 80 people gathered around to see our dramas and dances. When we started showing the Jesus Film, 230 people swarmed in and intently watched the Gospel of Luke unfold. Almost everyone prayed to receive Jesus and about 150 people responded to renounce witchcraft in their lives as well! The Spirit of the Lord fell on our crusade grounds and many people received healings. A man named Rafael had a pain in his left side for 10 years and was healed after prayer! Another man, Danito, was completely healed from 3 years of leg pain! God is releasing His glory in this land in a new and fresh way!