Indonesia Update #2

Pastor Bill and Pastor Mary Pat shared the Lord’s love and heart throughout the day with around 60 people.  People accepted Jesus, cried as the Lord spoke words of life and destiny to them through the pastors, received healing and deliverance.  It was an amazing day.  Here are several of the testimonies… Pastor Mary Pat pointed to one lady and declared to her that the Lord is answering her prayer for healing and to keep pressing in for her healing in the name of Jesus.  The woman began to shake and cry as Holy Spirit touched her.  After the prophetic word, we discovered that she is a lay pastor and has been battling stage 4 cancer.

Eight people were invited forward for physical healing of the ears and received both physical healing, an increase of spiritual hearing, and prophetic words. One lady was instantly healed of a constant hissing noise in her ear after receiving prayer and others felt immediate improvement.  Her adult son was also there and has suffered from severe hallucinations.  After being prayed for, he felt more focused and clear in his thinking.

The teen-aged daughter of one of the leaders had been struggling in her walk with the Lord, broke out in tears as the Father’s love and good plans for her life were prophetically spoken over her.  She received more prayer the next day and is excited for the renewal of her faith. A lady was brought in a wheelchair who had a stroke a year prior.  She was unable to walk more than a few steps with help, unable to speak clearly, and was confined to her house during that time.  Through prayer, she felt heat in her legs and was able to walk around the room with more and more strength.  Her adult children were crying as their mother received healing in her body.  We visited her in her home the next evening and she was able to strongly speak, “Today is a new day for me” and stated that more strength was evident in her legs.  Thank You, Jesus!

A man with a heart problem felt heat on his face and began to drip in sweat because the fire of God was so strong on him.  He testified that he felt a change and is going back to the doctor next week for testing.

An older married couple, who had been married for 50 years, prayed to receive Jesus and for reconciliation of their marriage with much needed forgiveness taking place.

Miko, a ten year boy whose was having some eye pains for two days received relief after receiving prayer from Troy.

Pastor Bill and Pastor Mary Pat preached and then both began prophetically singing over the 20 people that were gathered for our second house meeting.  Words of knowledge and prophetic words were accurately shared with many. A married woman asked the Lord to give Pastor Mary Pat a word for her.  Pastor Mary Pat, led by the Spirit, singled her out right then and told her that she wanted a word and that God wanted her to know that what she was hearing from Him about something she had specifically asked him about was indeed from Him and to not doubt.  The woman confirmed the specifics later and immediately, she began to sob as the cry of her heart was answered.  As the Lord began to touch her, Pastor Mary Pat also heard that she played the piano, which she does, and the Lord wanted to use her gifting in worship and to allow the Lord to play the keys of her heart and that He was going to physically move her into a new place of worship. Troy released a prophetic word signifying both the favor of the Lord and increased unity in ministry and relationship for a couple who pastor a church. Pastor Mary Pat added more words of encouragement. Caroline, who works for the family we are staying with, received prayer for a cataract of two year duration in her left eye.  As Troy prayed for her, she went down in the Spirit shaking and crying.  Upon getting up, she tested her vision and the cataract was almost gone and by the next day it was completely gone.  Then, she received prayer for her knees which she has been unable to bend properly for 15 years.  As Pastor Mary Pat simply placed her hands on Caroline’s knees, Caroline immediately felt heat in her knees.  She got up and began walking and even running back and forth.  Then she began to do squats and test her knees.  Her huge smile was evidence of the healing that had just taken place.

Pastor Mary Pat prayed over one lady who had struggled with cancer and a skin condition.  She fell to the floor as she received deliverance from spiritual oppression.  As Ina continued to pray for her, Ina saw a glowing yellow material covering her skin, bringing strength and protection. Anna, a muslim,  went down under the power of the Holy Spirit and was healed of acid reflux. Our translator’s mother was present for the miracles and the Good News that was shared.  She has lived as a buddist throughout her life and her daughter has been praying for salvation for many years.  As Pastor Bill shared with her before she left, she finally opened her heart and prayed with Pastor Bill to give her heart to Jesus alone.

A man with back problems went down in the Spirit as Pastor Mary Pat and Troy prayed for him.  When he stood up, his back was improved.  As Troy prayed for two ladies with eye problems, both saw an immediate improvement…one of a partially detached retina and the other lady had a problem with her ability to focus her eyes. Another lady had knee and stomach problems…she went down to the floor as God touched her.

Ina’s parents both gave their loves to Jesus as Pastor Mary Pat talked and prayed with both of them.  Ina’s mom believes that Jesus has healed her very intense physical conditions as well.