Indonesia Update #1

Being our first time in Indonesia, we are so excited to see what God has planned for us.  We are looking forward to establishing new relationships as we anticipate the Lord’s extravagant love being released throughout our stay.  The people are so warm and gracious here in Jakarta.

Pastor Bill and Pastor Mary Pat shared the Lord’s love and heart throughout the day with around 60 people.  People accepted Jesus, cried as the Lord spoke words of life and destiny to them through the pastors, and received healing and deliverance.  It was an amazing day.  Here are several of the testimonies:

Eight people were invited forward for physical healing of the ears and received both physical healing, an increase of spiritual hearing, and prophetic words.
One lady was instantly healed of a constant hissing noise in her ear after receiving prayer and others felt immediate improvement.  Her adult son was also there and has suffered from severe hallucinations.  After being prayed for, he felt more focused and clear in his thinking.
The teen-aged daughter of one of the leaders had been struggling in her walk with the Lord, broke out in tears as the Father’s love and good plans for her life were prophetically spoken over her.  She received more prayer the next day and is excited for the renewal of her faith.