India & Indonesia Mission Trips

Dear Family and Friends,

What an amazing God we serve! His goodness and love continue to enfold us and bless us as we move onward and upward in Him here at Frontline Ministries International. It is with great honor for Him and in great humility before Him that we send out a team of eight Kingdom servants including Pastor Bill and Pastor Mary Pat Gokee on February 28 to minister in India for the fifth time. While in India, our Frontline team will minister in Rajahmundry, which is located in the state of Andra Pradesh, and in various cities in northern India within the state of Rajasthan.

Five team members will return to the US on March 18, while the Gokees and Michelle Oliver will continue on to Jakarta, Indonesia, returning to the US on March 30. This is the second trip to Indonesia for FMI.

Ministry plans for this trip to Asia include, but are not limited to, the following:

* Ministering at the Frontline Ministries International Children’s Home in Rajahmundry, India, including a “hands on” workshop on worship and the prophetic
* Ministering to the leper colony supported by FMI in Rajahmundry, India
* Holding two outdoor “Freedom” crusades in rural areas in eastern India
* Ministering in various villages, parks, churches, and on the city and rural streets of India and Indonesia for the purpose of bringing the Gospel of the Kingdom for salvation, healing, and deliverance
* Leading a pastor’s conference for many pastors and leaders in Rajahmundry, India, as they are also being taught and equipped in ways that enhance the furtherance of the Kingdom, including worship and personal and corporate encounters
* Leading a Women’s conference on Kingdom living while in Rajahmundry, India
* Sharing the Father’s heart and imparting the way to Kingdom living through prophetic messages and revelations of healing, deliverance, and hope in both India and Indonesia
* Ministering at Grace Rescue Ministries to children rescued from the human trafficking and the sex trade. Information concerning this ministry is highlighted at the Redemption for Life site, GRM is a partner ministry of Frontline Ministries International.
* Making contact with previously established relationships in India and Indonesia while expanding into new regions of each country
* Connecting with Shekinah Glory Ministries in Jakarta, Indonesia, for a conference on the Father’s Heart and Kingdom Living and ministering with them in designated places in the city and rural areas
* Connecting with Bethel Church and other ministries, holding meetings as led in Jakarta, Indonesia
* Ministering Kingdom meetings and conferences in the homes of Christian and non-Christian leaders in Jakarta, Indonesia

The endeavors of Frontline Ministries International to the nations are always and foremost Kingdom-centered. The vision of the ministry is extensive and ever expansive. Your prayers are indispensable to us as our team travels to India and Indonesia and we are extremely thankful for them. Please continue to pray and decree over the team members and their Kingdom work. Prayer suggestions include:

* That the Lord God would be glorified in everything that is spoken or done in Jesus’ name
* That all team members and their families would be protected and held in safety
* That Godly wisdom is manifested throughout the trip, discerning all spiritual matters
* That those with whom our team comes in contact in both India and Indonesia would come to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior, that they would be set free from demonic oppression, and that they would experience healing from all sickness and disease
* That revival fire would be powerfully released throughout the entire trip and back home in Ohio, too
* That the glory of the Lord would surround the entire trip and His presence would powerfully invade these countries
* That supernatural manifestations of His power would be released with signs, wonders, and miracles
* That each step of the mission trip would be successfully accomplished

Thank you for lifting each country to the Lord in prayer, declaring that His hand would be the guiding factor and completion of all that is carried out. We truly appreciate your prayer support. We believe that you are an active and vital part of this mission trip as you hold His Kingdom work in prayer.

If the Lord should speak to your heart to join in the support of Frontline Ministries International, you can make a secure, tax-deductible donation at our website or you can send a check to Frontline Ministries International, PO Box 581, Massillon, OH 44648.

Thank you for your prayers and support. May God richly bless you with His amazing favor and abundance!

Prayer Coordinator
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