Hope, Healing, and Holy Spirit

After arriving in New Delhi late last night, we awoke this morning excited for all that God is going to do on this trip! As always, working with our main contact in New Delhi, Pastor Rohit, is such a blessing, and smiles were in abundance as we were reunited with him at the airport. With FMI’s continued desire to combat human trafficking, we were intrigued to learn of a connection that he has with the director of a home for women that have been rescued from trafficking and destitute situations. Our first stop this morning was to visit Rahab Centre for Hope to meet the director and the staff. An instant connection was made as Eunice shared her heart and we shared the work we have done both at home and overseas. We look forward to seeing where this connection will take us!

This evening we traveled to the “Frontline Prayer Centre” at Pastor Rohit’s parents’ home. After Pastor Bill and Pastor Mary Pat each shared from the Father’s heart, PMP asked each person individually what they would like Jesus to do for them. As 20 people shared what they most desired, the team was amazed by their responses. In a country so stricken with unemployment, poverty, and Christian persecution, one might expect prayer requests to center on jobs, provision, and protection. But the responses they gave included being closer to God, growing in godly character, receiving a healing anointing to pray for others, and the like. Their hunger for God was expressed so beautifully. One woman in attendance was Hindu and her request was for her son, Monu, to be healed of seizures and mental disability. Even before praying for him, Pastor Mary Pat asked Seema if she wanted to receive Jesus and come into God’s family, and her eyes welled with tears as she nodded her head yes. After this simple salvation, God’s power poured out on everyone in attendance! At least 6 were filled with the Holy Spirit, and Monu was able to repeat “I love Jesus” in Hindi. Seema said this level of understanding and speaking was new, and she fully believed that God would complete His healing work. Wow, all this took place on our first day here, praise Jesus!