Holy Spirit touches two young men

Abel (16 years old) and Constant (25 years old) are cousins and work at their family’s “hotel” that we stayed at in Togo. I met them the day after we arrived and was unable to really talk with them much until the night before we left. After reading through some scriptures on the Holy Spirit and His desire to fill us and be poured out on us. I led them in a prayer of salvation and cleansing and then we moved out onto the veranda to pray that they would be baptized/filled with Holy Spirit. During the prayer Abel began manifesting demons, but Jesus set him free and he shared that he was now “not heavy”. Constant began to pray in the Spirit at the end of this deliverance time. Please pray for them that they would go to Life Christian Centre and grow in their faith and that they would be completely set free from all the power of the enemy. Pastor Richard knows who they are and is planning to disciple them.