Holy Spirit Party, Salvation is in the House

Thursday, April 28
With just 2 nights in Delhi behind us, this morning we packed our bags for a stay-over with some of Pastor Rohit’s extended family. Our first stop along the way was a visit with a U.S. missionary couple who Pastor Rohit has known for many years. Scott and Brenda welcomed us into their home and began to share with us testimonies and struggles from their 20-plus years of ministering in this fascinating country. We prayed for their continued work, family, and personal prayer requests, which they said was truly a blessing and encouragement to them. We continued on our journey, and drove for many hours amidst a sea of auto-rickshaws, motorcycles, Tata trucks, bicycles, and cattle that roam the streets freely. Our van slowed down as we wound through the narrow streets of Amroha, and our pale skin seemed to draw even more attention than usual as onlookers stared at us through the windows. We were warmly welcomed by Pastor Rohit’s family, and his older relatives laughed as they informed us that no foreigners had come to their village since a missionary couple about 50 years prior.
In the evening, Pastor Bill and Pastor Mary Pat preached at a Methodist church where the people were hungry for more of the Lord and the gifts of the Spirit. Many were touched by God in a new way, and Lawrence released a word over the congregation about the believers being a beacon of light to their community. We returned home and a Holy Spirit after party broke out, as Pastor Rohit’s family members shared that they felt Him moving during the meeting, but that they still wanted more of Him. As we prayed for them, about 10 people received the gift of tongues on the spot! A neighbor who was not a Christian had also come to the house for prayer for his uncle who was sick, and after seeing this outpouring of power, he prayed to give his life to Jesus!