Holy Spirit Outpouring Through Worship

The very next day, after many were delivered from darkness, God demonstrated even more of His miraculous light.  After a powerful time of impartation and teaching on the person of the Holy Spirit and what it means to truly worship God from the heart, the team led the students in a time of anointed worship.

As Pastor Bill and Jaime led worship, the Kingdom Bible School students were invited to receive from Holy Spirit and encounter His presence personally and intimately, many for the first time. We invited the presence of God to come, and the team was disbursed to pray and lay hands on everyone.

Many began to weep for the first time in years as the Lord did a mighty work in their hearts.  Several were completely overwhelmed by His majesty and fell over under the presence of God (as always, team members were right there to catch them).  As this was taking place, worship escalated into joyful singing and laughter for some. The pastors and leaders were encouraged to drink of the goodness of God and be filled up with His joy.  There was an immediate shift to rejoicing in worship and there was even a change in the countenance of many!