Holy Spirit Outpouring at Our First Home Meeting

Each year Frontline teams travel to Indonesia, our dear friend Johnny Santoso hosts a meeting in his lovely home for us to minister.  This year, guests came from all over the city to receive impartation from our team.  After fellowshipping over a delicious traditional Indonesian meal, Pastor Bill led everyone in anointed worship, ushering in more of the presence of God as we sang “Shekinah glory come!”  Pastor Bill then preached a powerful message on Jesus’ parable of the rich young ruler.

The faith level in the room continued to rise as Pastor Mary Pat spoke about the healing power of God, sharing vivid testimonies from previous mission trips, where we saw God open the eyes of the blind and other amazing miracles.  She then invited anyone to come forward who desired more of the presence and power of Holy Spirit to manifest on them.  Nearly everyone in the room came forward for prayer.  All were powerfully touched by the Spirit of God, as prophetic words were released and the glory came.  One man received a specific prophesy about the expansion of his business endeavors – and later confirmed that everything that was spoken was exactly what he has been going through!  Another young woman received a powerful prophetic word about being a worshipper, and wept with tears of joy as God touched her heart.

We continue to be in awe and amazement of the power and presence of God, and how He always touches the deepest places of peoples’ hearts, including our own!