Heliopolis – Home Sweet Home

Since 2005, Frontline Ministries International has been partnering with Pastor Dirceu of Iris Ministries to share the love of God in this
needy favela (slum). Pastor Dirceu has a ministry building that hosts both the church and sleeping areas for teams that come to live and
minister in Heliopolis. It is amazing to keep returning and see the ones that we love so dearly here. Within minutes of arriving, we met
Washington, a young man that we have ministered to since the beginning. Maria, who lives next to the church, greeted us with hugs
and smiles as we climbed the steep steps to her house. She had been suffering from a painful back and legs for a while, but after our team prayed for her, she said she felt better and was able to bend down to the ground without pain. While walking down the street, we met Iago, the son of Juliana. We have been connected to this family and their extended family members since our first years working in Heliopolis. Their family history is riddled with prostitution and violence, but they are beginning to experience the light and love of Jesus. Iago led us to the new apartment where his mother and family now live. Juliana started to cry as Pastor Mary Pat hugged
her and expressed her love for Juliana. It had been 6 years since Pastors Bill and Mary Pat were able to see her. God is so good. As we were preparing to leave the favela, Pastor Mary Pat saw an elderly woman waving to her from an upstairs window. The woman came down and received prayer for the chronic pain in her shoulders, neck, and back.  As the prayer ended, the woman raised her arms pain-free and testified that she was healed. Yay God!