Hearts Restored, Vision Cleared, Deafness Healed

In the evening, we went to a large home group. Out of the 67 people there, 31 prayed for salvation!  Once again, God poured out His love and power in great measure as we saw many touched by His extravagant love.  A 91 year old woman received an increase in her ability to see and hear. A lady with severe arthritis began to walk with more freedom, and her back was suddenly straightened! One man had been deaf in his left ear for the past 10 years, but Jesus touched him and he can now hear! There was another man present had been shot in the chest many years ago and lost the ability to move his fingers or rotate his wrist.  During prayer, he felt a tingling sensation in his arm.  A young lady with chronic nasal breathing problems received her healing, as her passageways cleared up instantly and she was able to breathe easily through her nose.
Our God is incredible! In Him, there are no limits! We are so excited as we partner with Him to see each person receive the good gifts He purchased for us on the cross- pour them out, Lord!