Hearts Healed, Lives Changed, and People Encouraged Today!

On Wednesday, Jan. 15th, the team split up into two groups and ministered in both Heliopolis and City of God.  In Heliopolis, Mike, Angie, Bethany and Tom, along with Keigi, visited several homes that lay along a narrow, dark alleyway.  In the first home visited, a woman named Rhosa received us warmly and was happy to have us pray for her and her two boys.  Mike presented the Gospel to her, but she was not yet ready to receive Jesus.  Tom sensed a spirit of death on her so the team (without translation) prayed against that.

The group also visited a woman name Alessandra who lived with her five daughters, two of which were coming to our daily outreach programs.  While we were praying for her, Bethany had a prophetic word about Alessandra’s need to forgive her daughter’s father who had abandoned the family.  After some reluctance, and through many tears, Alessandra was led her in a prayer of forgiveness towards the man.  She expressed that she felt much lighter afterward.

Later that day at City of God, we visited the home of two of the boys who have been coming each day to our meetings, Gabriel and Alessandro.  The home was very dark and small and smelled of sewage.  In a space no larger than 300 square feet there were 5 adults and at least 5 children living together.  The team released the Presence of the Lord there and prayed for the boys’ grandmother. The team continued on through the narrow alleyways of the slum, knocking on doors and speaking to those they met.  One woman named Talissa received salvation after much discussion and the presentation of the Gospel.  A spirit of depression she had been living under lifted after she received Jesus.  We also ministered to a Christian family who attend a Pentecostal church.  We called out the destinies of the mother and father, prayed for protection over their two children, and prayed for an increased witness by the family to their community.  The husband mentioned that he felt called to preach the Gospel, so we prayed into that destiny and shared with him the words of encouragement the Lord gave us.