Hearts Healed by the Father. Lame Danced, Growth Dissolved, Joint and Chronic Back Pain Healed

On Sunday morning, Pastor Bill, Pastor Mary Pat, and Tiana had the privilege to minister at Comunidade Cristao Ministerio Ipiranga. Pastor Marcos and Pastor Lucia are the senior pastors and leaders of this growing church. After a time of worship, Pastor Bill preached a really powerful message about the Father´s love with the help of Ines, our translator. As he concluded the message, he played his guitar and sang prophetically over the congregation. The presence of the Lord was so strong that many came forward to the front and experienced more of the Father´s embrace for them, setting many captives free.

Pastor Mary Pat began praying for people throughout the crowd.  While praying, she met a man with a bandaged foot that was using a cane. Pastor Mary Pat prayed for healing and  encouraged him to try to walk without his cane.  He began to walk slowly at first, but then began to walk faster and faster as the Lord healed him. Then, he danced and worshipped with Pastor Mary Pat. People stepped back to watch as he walked back and forth in front of the stage without his cane! Glory to God!!  This opened up the door for many more healings.  There was young mother who came up for prayer for her two year-old daughter who had a growth in her throat the size of a grape.  Pastor Mary Pat cursed the growth and within a minute or two it completely disappeared! The mother was crying tears of joy as she felt her daughter’s neck repeatedly, looking for the mass! It was completely gone!! Praise You, Lord! Pastor Mary Pat felt led to offer a general prayer for healing. After the prayer, she asked all those who had experienced healing to raise their hands, over 20 people raised their hands to declare that they were healed. One woman testified that 7 years of back pain  was completely gone! Wow!Due to severe joint pain in her arms for the past two years, one woman was unable to even hold her child, but all the pain left as she received prayer! Lifting up her arms freely, she testified that the pain was gone. A 10 year-old boy whose father had left the family, came forward crying to receive healing prayer for the hurts in his heart. Pastor Mary Pat and Pastor Bill began to speak life over him and expressed how much the Father delights in him. By the end of the prayer time, the boy’s countenance had completely changed!  Another young boy had injured his knee while playing soccer. After prayer, he ran up and down the aisle of the church without pain! It was so amazing to see our God healing hearts and bodies this morning.