Healing Outpouring at Pastor’s Meeting

Gathering once a month for fellowship and impartation, 45 pastors were touched by Pastor Mary Pat’s teaching on the vision and call of God for their lives. As she testified to the Lord’s healing power, the pastors’ faith grew and personal prophetic words were released.

Receiving a word of knowledge that there were those present with foot problems, Pastor Mary Pat called for them to come forward. Seven pastors responded to this call. At first some displayed a reluctance to trust that God desired to heal them, but this reluctance disappeared as Holy Spirit began touching the pastors and healing their bodies. 

One pastor testified that he had inflammation in his feet and his pain medication did not help. After the prayer, he tested his foot and the pain was gone! Another pastor shared that it was difficult for him to even walk due to the pain in his leg. He also had a persistent cough. As Holy Spirit touched him, he began to walk pain-free around the room and his nagging cough was gone as well. Last year we met Pastor Rao and recognized him as one who has the joy of the Lord and the fire of God’s presence in his life. Apparently, he has been taking medication for the pain in his right leg for the past two months with no relief. As he stepped out in faith and began jumping up and down, his leg was healed.

Experiencing the power and the love of God flowing through Pastor Mary Pat, the pastors were strongly encouraged by Pastor Bill to recognize the giftings and callings of the women in the body of Christ. He shared that Pastor Mary Pat was a gift in his life and that in the spirit they are one and encouraged them to allow women to use their giftings in the way the Lord leads. He also shared a powerful word on being a son in the Father’s house. A revelation of this truth sets us free from a slave mentality. We are His children, not His slaves. The pastors left the meeting highly encouraged and touched by the love of the Father.