Healing Outbreak at the Children’s Home

(Southeast Asia) During an afternoon spent with the young ladies at one of the homes, Pastor Mary Pat felt led to pray corporately for anyone who needed healing in their physical body and many were healed. Pastor Bill also was used to bring healing to the children as He sang the Father’s heart and healing over them (Zephaniah 3:17).  Deanne had a word of knowledge regarding headaches and two of the young people were healed of headaches during prayer. Six girls testified to healing from pain in their waists.  Andy received a word of knowledge about pain in an ankle and in the stomach.  Two girls raised their hands in response to this word and received instant healing. Esther also saw improvement in her eyesight as was tested at the end of our time of prayer.

According to our contact, eight of the girls have a form of tuberculosis that has affected their bones, causing difficulty and pain when they move.  Many have also lost a significant amount of weight as a result of this ailment.  After prayer, all eight experienced a measure of improvement.  Several of the girls were able to run without pain!