Healing Explosion — Fire of God Released!

The Spirit of God poured over the crowd as we met in a good friend’s
home for a meeting. Pastor Mary Pat called on those present to enter
in to the Lord’s Presence even as John heard the voice of the Lord
saying, “Come up here” in the book of Revelation. As the bride hungers
after the Lord’s Presence, the Lord comes so near and call us to be
brought into His Glory. Pastor Bill imparted the Father’s heart,
declaring that the best servant of God is actually the best
son/daughter.  As Pastor Bill began to minister through song, the Holy
Spirit released a word of knowledge through Michelle and Troy that God
desired to bring healing to knees and specifically to those with
problems in their left knee.  Five people came forward for prayer, two
with left knee problems only and three with both knees affected. As
they received prayer and were encouraged to run to the door and back,
each one testified that the Lord had touched them and brought healing.
Another person testified that they felt the fire of God on their back
and bent over to demonstrate that they were fully healed!  Five people
with pain in their stomach/intestinal region declared the goodness of
the Lord  Five came forward for throat problems and Jesus set them
free too.  Then, the Holy Spirit led Pastor Mary Pat to pray over each
person present.  The power of God was still moving mightily as people
began to weep and be overwhelmed with the Spirit. One man testified
that he didn’t come forward for the healing prayer because he was
feeling very shy, but God knew his need.  He testified later that when
Pastor Mary Pat laid hands on him for an increase of Holy Spirit in
his life, he was healed from a leg problem even though he had not
asked for that.  It was so wonderful to see the healing power of Jesus
sweep through that meeting and touch all who called in Him!