Healing at Home Meeting

Our team has had the privilege of ministering at a number of home meetings while in Jakarta.  On Thursday, our team visited the home of a dear friend in the Lord who had invited a number of persons needing ministry of physical and emotional healing over to her house for prayer.  After the team shared a number of encouraging and faith-building healing testimonies we have experienced on the trip thus far, we started praying for each person individually.

One man who had stage-four cancer said during prayer he physically felt the power of God touching his body through a sensation of heat.  This precious gentleman was deeply touched by the power of God, receiving the Father’s love and healing in his heart from all the trauma and hardship he had been through over years of having cancer.  Tears rolled down his cheeks as he soaked in much love and healing from his Heavenly Father.

A number of others were touched and impacted by God’s love, receiving in different ways – some crying, some being filled with peace, and others being released from the hard burdens of life as they received prayer from the team.  It was truly a precious time as our last ministry site in Jakarta before moving on to Singapore.