Healing and Salvation in the City of God!

Tiana and Troy spent the day in the City of God, a favela (slum) in Sao Paulo where Pastor Dirceu has planted a church. Every
day, Casa de Jesus feeds the women and children in this impoverished area and prays for those in need. Upon hearing we had arrived, women and children began to show up looking for prayer and love. After prayer, Maria received healing in her back and hips and was able to bend down without pain! Grete had been experiencing pain in her knees for the past 7 months. After prayer, she was able to bend down without pain! Thank You, Jesus! Tiana prayed for an eleven year-old girl with a severely sprained wrist. After prayer, she testified that she could now move her hand/wrist without any pain! After Troy shared the Gospel with him, a 12 year-old boy named Daniel prayed to receive Jesus as his Lord and received the greatest miracle of all, a new life! It is amazing to see Jesus at work here in a place where drugs are being sold all day long just outside the church. The Kingdom of Light has come and the Kingdom of darkness must go. It was such a privilege to meet our new friends here in City of God and we are looking forward to more time with them later this week.