Healing and Holy Spirit – What a Night!

Pastor Bill and Pastor Mary Pat arrived in São Paulo, Brazil a few days before the team. They ministered together in Heliopolis at Casa de Jesus Wednesday night.  The fire of God fell powerfully and most of the people ended up staying until midnight!  Three of the young men from the favela (slum) who are part of Casa de Jesus expressed a desire to get baptized in the Holy Spirit.

During the Wednesday service with Pastor Bill and Pastor Mary Pat, ALL THREE boys received the baptism in the Holy Spirit and spoke with new tongues.  They received the fire such that they all got stuck to the floor and were experiencing the power and presence of God.  They each received prophetic words of destiny from the pastors.  They are now even more hungry for the Lord!

One of the boys, 12 years old, had a cyst that was larger than a quarter on his body. It began to diminish in size after prayer and Pastor Mary Pat told him it would be completely gone. The next morning, it was completely gone!  Glory to God!