Healed hearts and healed bodies in Haryana, India

Wave after wave of healing poured over the spiritually hungry group of former Hindus.  Each one had come to know Jesus as Lord in the last two years and, despite difficulties, were trusting the Lord to touch their families with the same love.  As our team ministered through dance, drama, worship, and sharing of the Word and the love of the Father, hearts began to soften even more.  Almost every hand of the 70+ believers present was raised as Pastor Mary Pat led them in a prayer of repentance and forgiveness for the hurts and wounds that had been inflicted on them and by them.  Many of the women had been beaten or abused and even the men desired healing of their hearts from areas of great pain.

A mighty move of physical healing took place as the hearts were healed.  Listed below are some of the highlights:

* 6 years of eye pain caused by working in a plastic factory left immediately after prayer

* 6 months of constant pain in one woman’s lower leg left as she literally felt the fire of God touching her calf

* 2 years of back pain disappeared after prayer

* 1  1/2 years of knee pain vanished after prayer…this woman had been taking prescription pain medications without success

* A boy named Deepak received healing in a painful calf and also from a pain in his eyes

* Another small boy received healing from a constant draining/tearing of his eyes for the past year…after the prayer, no more drainage

*  6 years of blurred vision cleared up instantly for one woman.  After the prayer, she was able to read the small words on a poster in the church

Closing with a final prayer of blessing and healing, it was wonderful to see how Holy Spirit had moved in our gathering with these beautiful believers. We even received word the next day from one of the mothers who had asked for prayer for her daughter’s asthma. When the mother returned home, her daughter was healed and was now able to breathe freely!  Thank You, Jesus!