Heading North

Thursday was a relaxed day at the Quarcoopome residence as final preparations were made for our trip. Late Friday morning, we departed for our trek to the north. Thanks to the highway the trip was expected
to take much less time than it had in the past. We stopped briefly along the way to visit Pastor Samuel’s youngest daughter Lydia in Kumasi, where she is attending school. She was very excited to see us! Yesterday was her 18th birthday so it was the perfect opportunity to bless her with gifts and a laptop to help with her school work. She was so thankful! We continued on our journey and expected to reach Sawla in the evening. We had driven just 45 minutes when Pastor Samuel said, “There is a problem.” We noticed that though he was turning the wheel to the left and to the right, the car was only driving straight. We all piled out of the vehicle and were soon surrounded by a crowd of children. We played and sang songs with them and they helped teach Carly Twi as Pastor Samuel and Kofi worked to get the car fixed. They worked many hours and the car was still not fixed so we ended up spending the night at a nearby guest house.