Greetings from Brazil

I (Pastor Mary Pat) was sent to Brazil… the mission is strong. Meeting PD and Ines in the airport was a true joy … again confirming this “lets do this now” trip for me. It’s been a whirlwind this week but oh so good. Jesus sent me tô Heliopolis today and I preached on being IN LOVE not just loving God. Many came up to lay down on the altar. Afterwards the Lord arranged for the 3 young guys who radically encountered the Lord last year to receive a huge dose of fire and power…along w personal prophecy… then this spread to 5 more ( testimonies below). Like the number 8 since I was preaching on NEW things/ beginnings. Off to preach at  Redimidos in Guarulhos in a couple hours… please pray for me… taking Amanda and Jo too.

Janiel: when PMP was praying I felt the presence of angels speaking in tongues around us. I felt comforted. Then I saw fire coming down from heaven over the heads of everyone in the room

Hayla: I saw JESUS siting on His throne and an amazing light. He invited all of us to sit on his lap and there was room for everybody. He spoke loving words to each one of us. Then He spoke to me this word and I don’t speak English so I told Ines: I heard:  MY GOLD.. I LOVE YOU MARY PAT. ( well this wrecked me of course … she said it in Port with such intensity)

Amanda: I saw a path. The Lord told me he had a new path for me and as I walked down this path I felt his presence very strongly and at the end of it there was a door. After he showed me a crown and told me to draw it.

Jô….He’s calling me to be more in His presence. I felt the fire.

Melchizedek … I felt my legs were wobbly..shaking. I felt strong touches in different parts of my stomach.

Robinson… I felt the message you gave me from the Lord was the truth… I felt shakey inside.I felt I was very far from the Lord and it easier to run away than to rum tô him. Now it is changed .

Daniel….( tears ran down his face as I was prophesying over him.. was intense for him). I am having a hard time putting my feelings into words. The message to me from P Mary was the truth for me.

Lucas… he went down in the fire but didn’t testify