Grandmother of the church receives instant healing

For generations, this influential Hindu family had worshiped many gods of wood and stone.  One day, the grandmother of the family met our contact, Pastor Rohit, and prayed to receive Jesus after being healed of a constant pain in her side.  Soon after, her grandson, Sanju, received the Lord and then the rest of the family. Because of their influence in the community, this family has served as a protection for Pastor Rohit and his family from persecution by Hindu extremists and thereby opened the door even further for the Gospel in this community.

The church is located inside this family’s compound in what used to be the stable for the cattle. When our team arrived today, Grandma was the first one to greet us and direct us toward our chairs. During the time of prayer for healing, Grandma’s knee and joint pain of two years’ duration was healed. Grandma began to dance around as the onlookers watched the miracle taking place! God is so good and we thank the Lord for salvation that has dramatically changed this family’s destiny.